Our Culture


Our culture is driven by our people. We have an environment that values teamwork, creativity, honesty and fun. We value input, feedback, and suggestions. Our employees are integral in making Netsuite the industry leader in cloud software. 

We have something very special here, although we are part of the global Netsuite family; it is very much a startup environment. We are ensuring that we maintain the culture through activities, hackathons, team lunches, social events and more.

We solve serious challenges, but we’re far from serious.
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Cultural Values


Our employees have a very special set of skills. We believe in the unique combination of drive, velocity, ingenuity and agility. Yes, we are that awesome.


Design doesn’t mean just pretty pictures – it’s the thought and decision around purpose and implementation. Be clear on our objectives, decide with intent, execute beautifully.


Listen and care for others. Be open minded and foster understanding between co-workers and between us and our customers.


Be open, honest, direct and complete in our communications with each other and with customers.


Irony, fun, smiling, and doing it deliberately. Timing: execution + frequency! We take our product and work serious, but we don’t take *ourselves* seriously.

Knowledge Sharing

Information matters, but understanding it and applying it matters more.  We need to share knowledge and help it move throughout all levels of the organization. Ask “Why”. Learn.


Help and be helped. Keep your eye on the greater goal. Eschew politics.


Doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult or frightening. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the strength to overcome it.


Our ALS IceBucket challenge

We are super excited to say that we not only participated in the Icebucket challenge, but we raised $1625.

Suite Volunteers

Being a good corporate citizen is no longer just about giving away some money. It's about putting the strengths and assets of a company to work in the world to make a difference. Corporate social responsibility is how companies today achieve the greatest social impact.

For NetSuite.org, it's comes down to two simple objectives: donating our suite of business software and finding opportunities through pro bono and traditional volunteering for our employees to give back to the world around them.

We donate our complete suite of business software to charities, social enterprises and B Corporations. This donation includes the full NetSuite Mid-Market Edition, five users and support, and deep discounts on any additional services.

Recipients of NetSuite.org product donation can apply for pro bono services through our SuiteVolunteers program. Employees volunteer their time and skills to help grantees operate effectively, accelerating and expanding their impact.

Giving back to the communities that we live and work in is an important tenant for NetSuite. Our SuiteImpact Teams coordinate and execute community service and hands-on volunteering events in our global offices throughout the year.

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