NetSuite and Grace Hopper

NetSuite and Grace Hopper


Grace Hopper is a computer science legend. She worked on the first computer that existed in the United States (the MARK I) when she joined the US Navy in 1943 at the age of 37. In 1949 Hopper joined the team that worked on the UNIVAC I, the first commercial US computer. While leading this team she invented the computer compiler and championed the idea of human understandable computer languages. Hopper is also credited with popularizing the term “debugging”. When Grace Hopper finally retired from the Navy at age 79, she had attained the rank of Rear Admiral, one of the highest naval ranks one can achieve.

Inspired by the work of Admiral Hopper, the Anita Borg Institute named their annual Women in Computing conference in her honour. The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women In Computing Conference (GHC) is the largest technical conference for women in computing. Attendees include students, academics, researchers, and those working in the technology industry. The goal of the conference is to bring together the best minds in computing, and increase the visibility of contributions of women to the field of computer science.

This year the GHC will be held in Houston, October 14th to 16th, and over 11000 attendees are expected. NetSuite is a proud sponsor of the Grace Hopper Conference. NetSuite is also sending 20 employees to the conference this year, as speakers, attendees, and recruiters. If you’ll be attending the GHC this year, come find our booth and say hi! We love meeting other talented women in the industry.

For more information on Grace Hopper and the annual Grace Hopper conference:

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