On New Space

On New Space

Editor Note: This summer we celebrated moving into hot new office space in Downtown Kitchener. We're all moved in now, but this gives us a perfect opportunity for reflection.  Here are some photo highlights from the party below, and you can browse the full set of pictures from our housewarming on Flickr.

Me being me, I think that the worst thing about our old office space was the disgusting brown carpet. We had a lovely view, kick-ass TribeHR-green walls, and enough IKEA furniture to seat almost everyone, but man, that carpet was terrible.

On top of having nasty carpet, our old office space down the street was a place where the fire alarm went off often enough for us to be “used to it.” More importantly, as we outgrew the space, our teams got split between two floors. People were forced into many more desk moves than most would find reasonable, and management meetings consisted of a lot of time spent brainstorming ways to fit more new hires into way less space. Near the end of our time there, we had people working at stand-up desks all day. At first, that sounds like an accomplishment, but what it really meant was that there was not enough room for us to give those people an actual chair, let alone a whole desk.

You might question why so many people would flock to work at a place with brown carpet and no place to sit down. One answer to that question is this: working with the people we do made it all worth it. Our workplace was always a space where everyone talked to everyone.

These days, we’re in a much snazzier environment with decidedly less-gross flooring. We’re all working on one floor of a building (for now), and we’re enjoying luxuries like having a kitchen where the sink doesn’t clog if you look at it wrong. We have more meeting rooms, and our washrooms aren’t located in the stairwell anymore. Our view of the city is even better, and we have two TVs to play games on at lunch. People need actual ID to enter our office now, which is really the best example I can give of how high-class our new digs are.

So, naturally, we had a big party to show off our new space. There were good eats, clowns making balloon hats, and excellent drinks. The theme was that of a full-on carnival, which, as you can see, made for some pretty great (and some amazingly mockable) shots of the event attendees.

Moving into our new office space meant a lot of things for NetSuite Waterloo, and having an event to mark the beginning of a great time in a new place was neat. The best thing about that night, though? It ended the way all of our events do. At the close of the evening, when the clock said it was actually morning, a bunch of us were sitting around a table in the kitchen area, hanging out. We were talking about nothing, but everyone was talking to everyone. Old office, new office, bad carpet, new carpet—we’ve still got it.


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